eh, what is profiling?

Profiling is what you do when your performance testing shows a problem. It helps you identify those parts of your system that contribute the most to the performance problem and shows you where to concentrate your efforts.

Using profiling tools to look for potential bottlenecks during development can significantly reduce the number of problems that show up later.

With the right tools and training, it can become a regular part of the development process without adding too much overhead.

so in this article, I will try to demonstrate and explain a profiling process with react-profiler on…

Performance Testing refers to a software testing process used to test the speed, response time, stability, reliability, scalability, and resource usage of a software application under a particular workload.

huh? why do we have to do it? is it that important?

Well, the main purpose of performance testing is to identify and eliminate the performance bottlenecks in the software, thus enabling smoother deployment and eliminating stressful errors during real user testing.

types of performance testing

performance testing are mainly focused on these 3 aspects :

  • Speed — Determines whether the application responds quickly
  • Scalability — Determines the maximum user load that the application can…

a lot of people refer to the methodologies done in software development as “agile” development, but there seems to be a disconnect between people who actually knew what it means to be agile and those who don't.

so what does it mean to be agile?

in software development, being agile means that the development is done iteratively, where the requirements for the product and the solutions developed grew side by side resulting in fast and reliable delivery of products on all ends.

ummm, what?

relax, in this article, I will try to introduce and explain the meaning of agile and…

Ideas are worthless until you get it out of your head to see what they can do

each and every single one of us had done some sort of pitching in their life…

heck, even a child trying to convince their parents to buy them their favorite toy is a form of pitching. pitching ideas or products to other people is a skill that everyone should have and master. if you could not convince or “sell” your idea, no one would ever know what you want or wishes to do.

in this short post, I will try to explain how…


wow hold up for a sec there cowboy! no one could enter this room looking like that, clean yourself and your code ASAP!

lets be honest here, we’ve all heard about clean code before… it's not going to be an unfamiliar topic for you if you are reading this article right?? or is it?

well, it's quite an intriguing topic for me for a really loooooong time, majoring in a CS degree for almost 3 years now, it surely is a topic that's going to be brought up from time to time among my peers.

so what is clean code…

in the world of professionalism, the ideal situation is when everyone and everything is working just the way we wanted it to be. but unfortunately, things aren't always that easy.

In this article, I will try to share my own experience on managing people and relationships in a professional work environment.

real management is developing people through work

there is a thin line between creating and establishing good relationships between colleagues, and making friends.

the latter is done without any ulterior motives.

a colleague or a friend?

what does that question had anything to do with people management?

well, the…

Docker is the future of virtualization!

As a software engineer, its really easy to develop some sort of an imposter syndrome somewhere down the line when everybody is using phrases like “pull the image”, “have you, docker, it?”, “just run docker-compose” etc.

well, fret not everybody felt the same at some point, even me.

here in this article, I will try to explain Docker in the most simplistic way, so that we all could understand what it is, and why is it so popular nowadays.

What is Docker Anyway?


Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run…


Yeah, yeah I know here we go again with the version control explanation for the millionth times on this website

but hey, hold up a sec. do you even know why every software development cycle uses some type of version control to maintain its development process?

isn't it common sense?

well yeah.. but why? well, I will try to explain and explore the topic of version control and its usage in this short article, and what version control system is the best to represent version control itself rather than Git.

what is GIT?

Git is a free and open source distributed version…


no, I know what you are thinking, it is not that persona. although we are still going to create an imaginary character to serve our purpose.

This article is written as a part of individual review criterion of PPL CS UI 2021

What is a persona?

A user persona is a person that is made from specific information that caters to represents a type of demographic. The demographic in question can be any variety depending on the needs of the developer. A user persona is mainly used to help us make certain decisions in our development process. …


This article is written as a part of individual review criterion of PPL CS UI 2021


“what is a test-driven development? how does it work? why is it even a thing in the first place?” those are the words of a classmate that I knew of at the beginning of my 3rd semester studying for my CS degree. well, it's not like I know the answer at that time, so I just shrugged it off.

I realized that being a programmer in this age of technological development is not really easy. having to keep up with new technologies and what…

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